Friday, 2 January 2009

The One With All The Journal Entries

7th Dec - The To Do List:
8th Dec: The sights of Christmas:
9th Dec: Christmas Traditions

10th Dec: The Wrapping that I am using this year:

11th Dec: The Christmas Tree:

12th Dec: Any Changes this Christmas:
13th Dec: Music that I am listening to this Christmas:
14th Dec: How the Gifts Arrive:
15th Dec: Any visitors this Christmas:

16th Dec: The things that I am Glad about this Christmas:

I have done up to the 20th Dec, and am still going! More pictures to upload another day! I know that some of the pictures aren't very good, but better to have them bad than not at all!


Nikki W said...

Wow Gem, how busy you have been. Love the LO's for your journal.
Happy New Year.
Nikki (UKS)

Jane said...

great pages Gem, you've done better than me!!