Monday, 5 January 2009

The One About the Snow

So I got up this morning and looked out the window as I usually do to check with the cars are iced up, in which case I have to get ready quicker, and to my astonishment (having not really paid any attention to the weather report the day before) there was snow! I'm sure the weather said witry showers in our area, or does that mean snow? Anyway I got up and ready in time to both de-snow the car and my take my phot of the day, and another one of the other end of the road too!

How long I keep up the photo of the day is another matter, as I do get quite embarrassed taking photos when I'm out and about on my own in public! We shall see!

Other news, still lots of chocolate brownies left! Oh and its very cold outside, I had my fan heater on at work today as well as the (awful) work heater that goes on defrost every so ofter and just switches off! Whoever invented the air con unit needs to rethink the whole, it turns off more frequently and for longer stretches on the colder days!

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